Thursday, 24 August 2017

So, you guys really believe in me?


Have you ever reached at one point which you are so mentally breakdown? Well, I did. I just did! Last few days, it was a good day until I checked on my Whatsapp.  I received many tasks just in an hour!

1. Malam Induksi - Biro Multimedia (Video + Teaser)
2. Ted Talk Competition - Biro Multimedia
3. Career and Path Exhibition - Biro Multimedia
4. Administrative Science Carnival 2017 - Biro Multimedia
......... And many more to come!

So, tell me how can I not mentally breakdown after receiving such tasks? :) I just wonder, how can I split myself into few parts & yeah if only it can happen hahaha. Just kidding!

So, to make it short, I became quite cranky & moody for the whole day and I even slept early that night, around 8.15pm. I left so much blueticks to everyone who texted me, I let my phone ringing & did not pick up any calls unless it were from Mak or my brother, Haikal. I woke up at 1am and guess what, I cried until I slept back. Then I woke up again at 3am & downloaded all applications that might be useful for me in my phone.

Tried out the applications (yes I used 2) and it was fun! Oh this is so called introduction picture created by yours truly for a thread on Twitter. Yes, it is for my club of course! 

It just that I do not know whether I am able to do such tasks or not since everything is under media. Fyi, I am handling our club's social medias and the number of RT and Likes for any of my tweets on that particular Twitter's account is increasing over time. Our hashtag (when I handled the Twitter for the first time during intern times) even go trending crazily! I might blog it later. So, I guess that pretty sums up that they confident enough to put me under Media all over again. Well, thank you for believe in me :)

Oh, I feel a bit messed up because those tasks really need an internet connection on my laptop since I have to download all applications needed first before proceed with any tasks (read previous posts to understand better). Yes, that is it. The reason I cried lol. Maybe I would laugh at Young Hazlin when I read this again in 10 years time 😂

I hope I can do my very best & let the creativity comes in without any hesitation. This is just the beginning, I can do it!

I will go back to my campus on 8th September even though the semester starts on the 12th :") Malam Induksi is on the 14th so I hope I have enough time to settle it down with my partner. God bless campus's Wifi!! Hahaha. My planner is quite fully occupied at the moment and I am really looking forward for more events (sarcasm?).

P/s I guess I will blog more on media's thingy 😏

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Ridiculous bags on Zalora!

Hi everyone!

To be honest, I am so nervous writing this post. No kidding guys! Breathe in breathe out. Fuhhh.

The title speaks!

So, let me tell you about every girl's obsession ---bags/handbags 👜👜👜

This one had been taken during Majlis Anugerah Dekan for the third semester. Ignore my extra excited face, ladies & gentlemen. *ehem*

I personally believed bags or handbags complemented my style. I would rather stay inside the house than going out without bags, yeah I owned on-the-go-bag. Most of the girls do! That one bag which you can put your personal stuffs like your purse, identity card, bank cards, makeups (of course!) etc. Even my boy friends asked me to keep their car keys inside my handbags. How can we live without bags?? Obviously, we will be so awkward throughout the day and fret not, cranky! 😂😂 In addition, we do not ever feel that we have enough handbags although we already owned 10 of them. Ahh too bad! We will constantly get ourselves a new handbag by time. Prove to me if I am wrong, ladies hahaha.

Hence, Zalora Malaysia offered an interesting website for us to satisfy our obsession towards bags specifically. It is so user friendly you know! It ease our job to browse their website and you will surely add to cart without you yourself realize. Whoopss! How dangerous it would be huh? Click this LINK and breathe slowly :") SO RIDICULOUS ISN'T IT???

See how easy this website works. You can filter out your search box to easily choose your bags. The choice is yours! Ridiculously easy pretty girls!

I have filtered this according to the bags' popularity. So, I can choose the most recent & attractive ones!

I am just being honest, ladies. I just do not know which one to be chosen. Can I just buy all of them?? See the designs, the colours and most importantly, THE PRICES! Mindblown and again, RIDICULOUS isn't it??? 

Nope, this one is not from Zalora. It is a gift from my parents. I really should get one from Zalora for myself. I guess I should spend RM50 voucher for a new bag or bags!! *facepalm*

Talk to you later!


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The "secret" of 0.02


Whoops! The result has been announced, ladies & gentlemen. Alhamdulillah, as expected! --- Equals to my efforts given on last semester. Honestly, I feel a bit upset when my eyes first saw the GPA but then my mind said,

"He gives what is the best for you, not what you actually want."

Apparently, my CGPA dropped 0.02!!! I really need to maintain the CGPA above 3.50 to graduate with First Class Degree. InsyaAllah. I am so happy to read all of my senior's tweets appeared on my timeline tonight. They are going to graduate on time and some of them are graduating with First Class Degree and some are awarded with Vice Chancellor's Award. Wow, UiTM Seremban 3's graduates just amazing!

Congratulations everyone!!!

We have done our very best to ensure an excellent result. No matter how bad (depends on individual's belief in himself) you think your result is, just bear in mind that you have another few semesters to achieve what you really wanted. It might hard for you, but believe in Him. If He said it is meant to be yours, then it will be yours no matter how struggle you are. Stay positive!

[Gambar sekadar hiasan]

What you really need to do is to plan your schedule well. Masuklah persatuan, jadilah wakil universiti, banggakanlah nama kampus pun tapi kalau time management awak hancur, you are going to be a dead meat. I know it is very hard because we only have 24 hours in a day and even I myself pun memang tak pernah rasa 24 jam sehari tu sufficient enough for me to settle down everything.

If it happened to be you busy sangat dengan persatuan sampai ponteng kelas apa semua, you really need to spend some time untuk cover balik semua yang you tertinggal tu. Try your very best untuk seimbangkan semuanya. I myself pun masih mencuba. Aint easy man!

Kalau tak balance, azab jugak lah nak finals nanti. I have been there guys hahaha. Kelam kabut pada mulanya but alhamdulillah lama-lama bolehlah adapt. Sakit otak jugaklah sebab semua benda nak datang last minute kan, tapi I survived!

Bayangkanlah, baru je masuk persatuan, tiba-tiba macam-macam program besar kena handle, dengan nak finals lagi, presentations, tests semua berderet macam anak itik pulang petang within a week je, mahunya tak kelam kabut? Gila memang gila la. Kalau mental tak kuat, memang I wont be here anymore.

Itu baru kes masuk persatuan. Ditambah lagi personal problems, relationship problems lah apa lah, ha sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga la seketul Hazlin time tu. Tapi, senyum jelah and jalani kehidupan seperti biasa. Padahal, pantang kalau duduk seorang diri, mula lah fikiran menerawang fikir itu ini. Tahu-tahu je menangis tanpa sedar. Sebab apa? Sebab I rasa I have done too much and tak mampu dah rasa nak hadap. But then, He knows everything and here I am, masih gagah perkasa (kononnya!).

I got this masa Good Deeds Days (you write something on the paper and paste it on the board. Nanti I buat entry pasal event ni). Time ni I tengah mental breakdown sangat sangat and believe it or not, this works! Kinda heal me gitu hehe. 

So, kalau nampak member lain macam tu ada lah tu masalah dia, kadang-kadang pasal family tak pun financial problems ke tak pun masalah dengan kawan dia ke. Dahlah duduk jauh daripada family, ada masalah pulak, kesian dia. Kalau you rasa you tak boleh nak comfort dia, diam jelah. Dia akan cerita kalau dia nak dan bila dah bersedia. Jangan paksa okay?

One important thing here is, kita kena cuba untuk handle our problems well. Kalau boleh, jangan ikutkan hati sangat. Jangan paksa diri untuk study masa tengah serabut. Legakan dulu kepala otak, at least dapat lupakan masalah tu kejap jadilah, for the sake of your studies kan :)

Mintaklah tips dari pakar pun tapi kalau you sendiri takde usaha nak ubah diri you, takde usaha nak cantikkan lagi result you, resume you, you are going nowhere. Segalanya bermula dengan diri sendiri. Dont worry guys, I am reminding myself too :)

Eh, nak cakap pasal result je tapi dah membebel panjang pulak! Jadi, itu lah rahsia 0.02 nya. Anyhow, I feel so grateful because He still loves me although I am not a really good Muslim. Should thanked Him for million times today. I am satisfied and so grateful with my result hehe. Alhamdulillah!! Berbaloi lah dengan jerih perih kehidupan Semester 4 degree tu kan.

P/s Esok esok kalau baca balik ni mesti I will be very proud of Younger Hazlin *pats shoulders*

Talk to you later!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Counting the days and I guess I need an assistant


[Click here to read my collaboration with ZALORA Malaysia]

It is 5.42am at the moment I blog this. I just woke up my two younger brothers for school. Yes, I will always be that one alarm clock which is functioning so well during semester break at home but not when the semester starts *sigh*

Actually, I just done some blogwalking with limited internet connection from my mom's phone lol I am a good daughter tho *blows nails*. That is the reason I am here, writing something for my blog. Some of you might wondering why I did not walk yo your blog, right? I swear to God I am a good blogwalker (sheesh, is that a word?) ONLY IF I have my laptop & broadband. But for now, thanks God for this limited internet from mom's phone and I hope she wont check on her internet balance hahaha.

Tick tock tick tock.

Few days left and I am so nervous af. Trying to put my mind elsewhere but I failed. Oh, I am talking about my last semester's result anyway. Just hoping for the best and let Allah do the rest. Wow, my positive vibe is at its highest level at this lovely Subuh I guess!

You might called me crazy but my mind already in Seremban. Yeah right, my so called lovely campus. I guess this is so normal for anyone who is overly attached with commitments at campus. I really need to plan my schedule very properly for this upcoming Fifth Semester. I will be super busy with my fyp, my club and of course my studies!

My best OOTDs surely at UiTM Seremban 3! I have lots of good OOTD pictures at my small yet lovely campus.

I am being me, always be that one forgetful person. I even left my wallet and handphone at home! So old la this kid aiyoo. I even driving without bringing my IC (dont have my license yet) (Shhh do not tell the police! Hahaha). Well, my parents always scold me for the same reason but a hard-headed like me wont learn a lesson hahaha too bad! You know what, I feel safe because you know you are always with your parents and extra point is because you are currently at your home state, hehe.

It is so normal for me to not remember the dates and days. But I am easily annoyed when people ask me what date is today. Hello? You got your own phone or watch so dont ask me! (Yes I am talking to the mirror then sheesh!!). I even forgot if I have taken my lunch or not. At campus, I will have my lunch at 3pm or 4pm or maybe 7pm haha. Depends on the hectic schedule. That is my weakness, I wont care about my eating schedule but I always remind others to take care of their health and do not forget their meals.

However, at the end of the day, I am the one who did not eat and get enough rest. I am not easily get sick so maybe that helps me to convince myself that being so busy is okay lol. Workaholic is good at some points hehe because I lost 3 kg in 2 weeks time hehe. But of course I will be that walking zombie with my pale face (no makeups of course!), running around here and there to settle down things yada yada. I hope I will be more ready for the next semester (whoops! It is next month guys).

That pretty sums up why I do not need a boyfriend for the time being. I get so upset when people ask me which one is my boyfriend (the special one) because I keep on going out with different people. Apparently, they are my friends and good listeners. I do not even have time for myself so I am wondering how can I commit to a relationship (at least for now). You guys should sit back and relax, okay? I have my own reason which I should not tell everyone so yeah just #doayangbaikbaik ^_^

So yeah, I really should hire an assistant. Anyone?

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sem break! (Bonus: Sneak peek for future entries)

Hi everyone!

Yes, it is me again. I hope you guys are doing good. It has been a while eh? Hahaha. My last update was on February, if I am not mistaken 😂 Katanya nak ada frequent updates tapi itu lah, nak duduk depan laptop lama-lama pun tak berkesempatan. 

My time was fully occupied. Students kan, nak kejar deadline assignments lah, presentations lah, tests, quizzes, handle events, buat surat itu ini, macam macam lah! Tapi overall, alhamdulillah, Semester 4 berakhir dengan jayanya. Tengah menghitung hari untuk mendapat SALAM UiTM lah ni. Uish berdebar macam tunggu orang masuk meminang gayanya! 

Okay ni my first event as Ketua Program. "Ujian" daripada Mr President persatuan aku[Bachelor of Admin Science's Students Society (BacAs)] untuk kami, budak-budak intern ni ha, atau kata lainnya, seki. Nanti aku buat special post ya. You guys should know about this successful event of ours hehe.

Haa ni memang wajib share dengan you guys! I was handling Pre Graduation Dinner untuk students Part 6. Memang memorable sangat sangatlah! Rugi tak simpan kat sini untuk bacaan bakal family. Aik? Hahaha k k belum ada calon ye. Nantikan ye, hehe.

Ni Program Jelajah Bacas 1.0 dengan anak-anak orang asli. Omg guys I really need to share this with you. How we interact with them, how I myself handle cranky students yada yada. InsyaAllah I will post this too. Hehe.


Ye, tahu aku banyak sangat hutang entry dengan you guys ni. Hahaha. Berlambak-lambak draft tak mampu nak post. Ada yang mampu sekerat jalan je. There are too many things need to be posted. Tengah mengusahakan diri untuk habiskan semua. Susah sikit bila mengharap mobile data je. Broadband ada problem pulak 😂 Ini pun update guna phone. Alahai seksa jugak ye.

Bulan 9 kang masuk Sem 5 dah. Kejap je Degree ni ha. Tak larat la nak sambung Master ke buat Double Degree ke. Plan nak kerja dulu, kumpul harta sikit-sikit. InsyaAllah. Nak rehatkan otak daripada belajar, exam, belajar exam for a while. Cuti sem ni pun ada la buat kerja sikit, mengajar. Kalau time tak mengajar tu, tolong parents jaga kedai pulak.

Uish jadual seketul Nurhazlin ni sama je kat Seremban ke Johor ke. Busy memanjang! Sampaikan tak perasan internet kat phone takde 😂 Punyalah long & hectic days tu. Instagram pun jarang update. Kalau ada pun, Twitter je lah haa. Tapi I really need to keep myself busy. Distraction gitu!

Okay lah, untuk those yang dapat UiTM Seremban 3, tahniah lah ye hehe. Selamat datang saya ucapkan! Apa-apa pertanyaan ke compliments ke boleh leave comments down below atau contact me through any social media okay. DM on Twitter for an instant reply.

Got to go. I will try my very best to give a constant update. InsyaAllah. Keep smiling & stay awesome! 
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