Monday, 29 December 2014

To SPM Leavers : What to do after SPM?

Hellooo. Anybody there?

You are currently in the Post-SPM period? Yes? Congratulations! 
This entry is specially dedicated for you. Yes, you! The one who is reading this entry *claps* 
Since I have no update for a quite long time, about 3 weeks or so, SO HERE IS THE UPDATE. (like anyone cares) 

"Urghhh, so boring. Nothing to do."
"Oh my God! I have no idea to do anything! Someone please help me!!"
"I have nothing to do. Sleep and eat. And it will be repeated for days, like a routine. Hmmm."

Please brothers and sisters. These kind of things sicken me. Got what I meant? Come on, you are no more secondary school kids. You have nothing to do? Like seriously? You can filled in your days with many beneficial activities. Many, dear. (Working is excluded!) 

These are what you should do during this Post-SPM period. 

1.Enhance your soft skills. (hard skills as well)

What is soft skills? In my humble opinion, soft skills is things like how you communicate with others, how you work in a group or team, how you solve your problems, how you manage your time well etc. Hard skills can be learned but not soft skills. Soft skills is really really really important. (Can you see the repetition? So, i am not doing any jokes) You need to use the soft skills as a university student, in an interview session(s) and as a worker.Can I say as a human being? (lol) Employers seek for a worker with a good soft skills. Lecturers would be happy if you bring your good soft skills along as a student. So yeah. How you communicate with the world is important.

Well people, you have ended your so-called "spoon-feeding" era, so you must stand by your own. You need to be independent.So, I really hope you can use Google wisely. Please search what is soft skills, the importance, yada yada. Anything that pertaining to the soft skills. (You may do this for hard skills as well) This is for your future! It is not like I don't want to lend a help about this thing, but you must be independent. How can Google exist but you don't want to use it with brain? (deep) Rock the world with your skills! :D

2.Learn English language. (or any demanded/useful language)

Learning again? Oh gosh! Hey people, why not? But yeah, there is nothing else that I can say if you have mastered English language well. Based on my observation, (yes, I like to observe people) there are quite number of students don't use English properly (grammatical errors excluded!) i.e I love you until when when. Bro, like seriously? You are using Google Translate, aren't you? Shameful. It is so direct!! I just can't accept this. Yes, I am irritated. There are so many ways to make your English language better. You just need to be diligent to upgrade yourself. UPGRADE! CHANGE! I beg you, don't use direct translation anymore. 'Cause it really shows your level of laziness. (Yes, I am not joking.)

You can watch many so-called "English-tuition-videos" on YouTube FOR FREE. (Yes, we love free items) For example, engVid, EnglishLessons4U and many more. Just type it, insyaAllah there will be loads of videos! You really need to learn English because you are going to sit for MUET / TOEFL / IELTS. (I am not going to explain more about this 'cause you will know this once you stepped into Form 6 / Foundation / Matriculation / ADFP / A-Level etc)

Please enhance your skills in Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. No regret, I tell you.

I really enjoyed his videos. He come with humour. 

3.Broaden up your mind. (by reading, watching videos etc)

What for? To make your brain working and functioning well, of course. You need to make yourself updated. As the result, you will be more open in receiving any ideas from others. Narrow minded no more! But, let me warn you first. Watch and read materials that suitable for you. You don't need to do what you are not supposed to do in broaden up your mind. You can watch BuzzFeed videos (for humour) , Helen Shows, listening to the online podcasts, newspapers, magazines, online articles, yada yada. Search what you want and enjoy! :)

You need to broaden your mind 'cause you will associate with many people. And of course they are from different background, country or state, opinion and so on. If you do not have a broaden mind, how can you deal with those people? You are not live in this world alone. So, think wisely.

This is one of the BuzzFeed Videos. You will surely enjoy them. Hilarious!

4.Make universities/courses etc research. (for the sake of your future)

I do not know why many SPM Leavers ask silly questions to the seniors (especially in the groups that offer helps for the path after SPM things) Oh well, they just ended their secondary school right? So yeah, you are forgiven. Only this once! Eh, stop being emotional. Eheh. What I can see is, many do not know their PASSION. This is the main problem. So, that's why they (or maybe you?) do not know what they are going to do after they got the result. Hurtful truth huh?

Again, I urge you to make some research. It may affected most of your 'leisure' times. But, yes, this is for the future. And, if you still have no idea or clue after the research, please ask the expert one i.e senior, family, friends. Get their opinion. But, you must keep this on your mind. People will give you many different opinions, but at the end of the day, you are the one who hold the key for your future. Do not forget to do solat istikharah in making choice(s) :) Do what you are enjoy in, the one that will make you satisfied. Do not ever care about the job prospect and all. If you are awesome enough in your field, who would let you jobless? We have alphabets from A to Z. Thus, do not static with the Plan A only. There are more alphabets behind A ;)

To achieve your dream university / college, do some research!!

5.Make some time to be with the family. (bonding time)

Spare some time or you will regret. (evil laugh) Why? Because you are going to be busy once you have step into ''the path after SPM''. You may have lots of  free times for the first semester (based on my experience as a foundation student) but not for the following semester(s). If you are going to study abroad, it is impossible to have you at home every month, with your parents and siblings. Right? So, use this quite long time to be spent with the family. (and friends?) This is the time, people. You will be busy soon. It is not like you have no more time with your family (and friends?) after this, but yeah, trust me, it will not be the same.

It is really joyful when you are spending the time with your family, you know. No regret. I really look forward for a long holiday during my semester days. Why? I need retreat short vacation with my family. Vacation, doesn't mean you need to spend lots of money. It is like, a short trip to Malacca or Hutan Bandar or any beaches maybe? Something small like that, but will surely strengthen the family bonding. It will be fun! So yeah, use this precious time to be spent with the family.

My little brothers during a short retreat with the family at Hutan Bandar.

6.Create your personal brand online. (not about set up business)

What is personal brand online? Is it something like a business? Hey, I have stated up there, it is not about set up business okay. You may get confused once you read the subheading, right? You must think it is something like online shop on Instagram or Facebook. (ahh, don't lie) Well, this will be my persuasive speech topic for my second assignment of ELC 092 (Speaking subject). Thus, expect a long explanation from me :P

What is personal brand online? It is related to how you present yourself online. Who says Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networking sites will give you no benefit? If you use it wisely, it will help you create your own personal brand online. To make a strong personal brand online, you must create a formal URL for the blog / Facebook (you know the other networking sites even though i am not mentioning them), use formal / professional email, stop posting unnecessary updates, (if you want to do so, make a limit) write properly (dun write laik diz) and just be yourself. You may have a discussion about certain current issues, but please discuss it with your brain. Use social networking sites well. You must think the perception of others to you. That's the importance in creating personal brand online.

Be matured! Stop using childish era email, display name or URL. For example, / Lorna Stargazer Love / (Only as examples, no hurt please) Long story short, use something that is easy and yet professional to be searched.  Based on some research, some employers may use Google to find out about the candidates in an interview(s). So, I suggest you to type your name on Google, and find out what is the first five results related to you. (you can see the whole results as well) Surprise? Surprise no more. Just practice what I have mentioned up there and worry no more. If you feel that you have posted unnecessary updates before this (like two years back or so), you can delete them if you don't want to ruin your personal brand online. Your employers to be may look through your Facebook accounts. But yeah, who would want to scroll the whole Facebook profile unless he is a stalker :P

I think that's it for now. If there is any questions, kindly comment or contact me through Facebook or or email. 

Till then, stay awesome! ^_^

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Officially in the second semester

Assalamualaikum and hello!

*wipes some dust off*

I am truly sorry. Seriously. I have made a promise(s) to post all my overdued posts right after I reached Kuantan. But, I couldn't make it. I am not motivated to post them. I do not have any feeling when looking at the laptop. Even though WiFi here is so good but i couldn't manage myself to make my blog lively T_T

So yeah. I reached in Kuantan on November 30. 2 days early before lecture classes started. It's been a week bro! So far so good, alhamdulillah. But i do miss our old house, A103. My new house for this semester is A108. WiFi is good but there will be days of shortage of water. Hey like seriously? We never experienced this before. New challenge! Need to wake up so early and take a bath or else you'll be smelly all the day long.

Packed !!! Rest in peace friday's holiday T_T

First day of lecture classes started on the 2nd. It was pretty good. Got only a morning class attended by the lecturer and the other class was cancelled. Erm actually the evening class is not so called cancelled 'cause we attended the class, Madam Roose took our attendance and we can go back as she's not well.

Forgot to mention early. I have been appointed as the class representative [Class rep] by Zaidy, our previous class rep on the first semester. And my assistant is my best friend forever and ever, Azim. Do not ask me why i be the leader. I myself do not know. When I asked Zaidy, he said he trust on me. So yeah. Another amanah for this semester. May Allah ease! Zaidy is so busy with his JPK [Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej] thingy so he asked me to replace him. It's a surprise you know. We argued at first and i raised white flag at the end.

To be honest, being a class rep is not so easy compared to being the head of prefect. You must be the first one who know almost about everything happens. You need to call your lecturers to ask whether the class is cancelled or not [Not to mention, you need to top up your phone's credit very often]. You will be the first one who got any information regarding your class or campus. In short, you must be the first person in every single thing. It ain't easy! But with the trust given by Zaidy and the whole class and assist by Azim, insyaAllah i can go through all this. I am not alone :)

Selfie on the first day of lecture's class.

As a foundation student, it is not a surprise if you got your assignmentssss on your very first of lecture class. No surprise seriously. But, we do got many leisure times. As expected! Hahaha. It still the beginning of the semester, folks. Just get ready to be a zombie again in a few weeks. 

We will go back for the mid sem break on December 19. Hey, you just enrolled the second semester and now you are going to have a holiday again?? Yes!! I do not know why this happens to us. But, let's just go with the flow :P

Got to go. Need to do notes and some preparations for the lecture classes tomorrow. Till we meet again.

 Stay awesome! XOXO.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Renovasi blog buat pertama kalinya

Hello ! *waves*
Yes, korang tak salah masuk blog lah. Hehehe.
Alhamdulillah, so there goes my renovation work.
Daripada PINK ke BIRU !
Give a big applause to myself, guys.
Seriously, rasa macam nak menangis bila google things yang blue in colour untuk renovate blog.
Warna pink itu sangatlah menggoda hati dan perasaan ini ! (hiperbola gila kau)
So yeah, this is the new look for my blog.
Suka ke takkkkkkk ??
Asyik warna pink or purple, lama-lama boleh muntah tengok blog sendiri.
Colour biru ni kengkonon macam "The New Hazlin" gitewww.
Dulu zaman secondary school, bolehlah nak pinky-pinky.
Sekarang dah berada di alam universiti so, warna biru menjadi pilihan hati.
Thanks to my best friend, Mokkah sebab bagi idea. (sukalah tu nama dia masuk blog iolsss hahaha)
Cerita pemilihan warna ni macam ni tau.
Mula-mula decided untuk buat biru. Then, bila dah buat kerja meng-google (errr, is that a word?) aku rasa turquoise pun cantik. Then, baby blue pun cantik.
Nampak tak aku macam takde pendirian kat situ ? (boooo hazlin booooo)
So, setelah berfikir dan taknaklah mengecewakan warna-warna yang dah dipilih itu, aku pun gabungkan all the colours in a blog.
Hah, hazlin sangat baik hati kan ? Bertimbang rasa gitewww. Hahaha.
Caption untuk blog pun nampak macam matang kan ?
"Life is a long road but it's worth it"
Oh ya, gambar tu diletakkan untuk menunjukkan yang aku ni makin lama makin besar, dan haruslah menjadi seorang yang matang dan berfikiran jauh.
Haaaaa boleh gituh ? Hahaha.
Aku dah lama tak main code untuk blog ni. 
So, ada lah benda-benda yang masih aku kekalkan sebagai pink
Ikutkan nak tukar semua jadi biru tapi langsung lupa nak edit background for the title and so on.
But, the colours combination look good kannnn ?
Semangat sikit aku nak merajinkan diri update blog yang semakin bersawang ni haaaa ! Hehehe.

Any comment for the new look ? Stay awesome guys. Have a nice day !

Sekian, terima kasih daun keladi ! ^_^

Saturday, 1 November 2014

An update after a long timeeee

Assalamualaikum and hellooo .

How i miss this blog so damn muchhhhhh !!!
Ada orang rindu saya takkk ? Hahaha perasan .
 Last update was on  11th May and it makes me feel like i am so badddd hahaha .
I do have the ideas but i just need to buy some more time for this blog . 
Got what i meant huh ? Peace !
Okayyyyyy .
This is just a quick and short update from me !
How are you guys doing ? Really hope all of you are doing fine and great !!
 (and stay awesome , of course !)
To be honest , i am updating this using my mobile phone ! Hahaha .
Just want to inform that i will be back to the blog world in a week time insyaAllah .
For your information , i am still enjoying the semester break of Semester 1's Foundation in Law .
Law is awesome guys ! 
I never thought that studying law things will be so fun and not so stress .
 (if you can manage your time well) 
My last paper was on 3th October and i went back for holiday on 4th October .
And here i am , still in the holiday mood !!
I will be back to Kuantan on this 30th November as Semester 2 will start on 1st December .
Phewwww . Time flies so fast !
For this time being , i am busy with MUET . I will be sitting MUET (The part for Reading , Writing and Listening) on this 8th November . 
The speaking part was on last 13th October and it went smoothly and awesome !
So yeahh . Wish me luck !

You guys just have to prepare not to blood vomit once i have update all my abandoned entries soon !

Yes , aku akan update SEMUA entri yang telah disimpan dalam laptop . Nak bukak blog tak sempat sangat kan time study so , update kat Word je lah dulu hehehe . Seriously , banyak sangat cerita . 
(Ceh konon macam ada limapuloh entri yang terbengkalai je ceritanya)

At first , rasa nak delete je blog ni sbb kekangan masa . Tapi ada lah orang2 yg mntk aku kekalkan blog ni and keep updating . So here i am ! Harap tak menyampah kalau sekarang ni every single minute/hour/day akan ada update pastu tiba-tiba blog ni macam hidup segan mati tak mahu sebab owner dah busy balik dgn study hahaha .

See you later !

Sekian , terima kasih daun keladi ^_^

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Result UPU yang menggembirakan !! (Asasi)

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Alhamdulillah ya Allah . Syukran jiddan !!!

Dapat UPU's first choice .

Dapat tempat yang aku memang nak pergi .

Ya Allah , gembira tak terkata .

That's the power of doa ! Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah .

Ber-hitam-putih lah aku selepas ini . Heh .

Senior-senior ? Or ex-uitm pahang ? Haiiiiiiiiiii *lambai tangan* 

Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir .

P/s For those yang tak dapat apa yang diingini tu , jangan ingat ni penutup masa depan korang k . Banyak lagi jalan . Banyak lagi cara . Usaha usaha usaha !! 

Sekian , terima kasih daun keladi ^_^

Sunday, 4 May 2014

A surprise from my parents

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Alhamdulillahhhhh ^_^

Mak ayah kata , ada rewards untuk result SPM haritu . 
Aku pun layan tak layan je lah . Ye ye jeee diorang ni kannn .
Lepastu , semalam ayah ajak pergi kedai . Tak cakap pun apa tujuannya .
Rupanya ayah buat pre order untuk phone ni . Hahaha .

So yes , i got Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 from my parents , hehehehe >.<
Nama manja dia , Chibi :D

Love youuuuuuu , mom and dad !!

Sekian , terima kasih daun keladi ^_^

Monday, 28 April 2014

Tawaran Matrikulasi ?

Assalamualaikum and hye.

Aku tau , cerita dah basi . Tapi aku nak cerita jugak :P
So , umum mengetahui bahawa 24.4.2014 yang lepas , keputusan matrikulasi dah dikeluarkan .
Tengah malam tu jugak aku check sebab ada kawan aku dah check . Kat laman web memang tak boleh so , aku pun check by sms sajoo . Aku mohon matriks sebab cikgu suruh mohon . Hahaa .

*lagu Bawa Kau Pergi-Goliath Band pun berkumandang (sms ringtone)*

Tanya classmates yang online facebook , semuanya dpat KMPh and course yang sama . Sorang je tercampak ke selangor sebab dapat course account . Macam pelik je . Kenapa semua kat Pahang ekk ? So , diorang happy lahh sebab dapat satu tempat . Boleh meneruskan legasi memekak dalam kelas ke dalam bilik ke kann :P Aku feelingless sebab aku tunggu result UPU :D

So , dalam pukul 2++ petang , aku check online pulak .

Kantoi main game Flower Shop >.<

So , sahih lah ni dapat KMPh ? Tahniah kat diri sendiri .
Tahniah jugak kat korang yang dapat tawaran matrikulasi . Istikharah k . Kalau betul-betul nak , terima tawaran ni , kalau tak , tolak lerr , takkan itu pun nak ajor :P

Tahniah jugak yang dapat tawaran Tingkatan 6 , IPG , KPTM . (Did i missed anything ?)

Aku belum bagi pengesahan untuk TERIMA atau TOLAK . Mak aku kata , jangan tolak awal-awal , nanti dia kecik hati . Erkkkkk ? *facepalm*

Dikhabarkan keputusan UPU awal bulan 5 kan ? 
Semoga kita semua dapat apa yang diimpikan , insyaAllah , allahumma ameen !
Good Luck and All the Best !! 

p/s Jangan lupa istikharah , minta pendapat mak ayah , orang terdekat and orang-orang yang arif pasal benda-benda ni okeyyyyyy :D

Sekian , terima kasih daun keladi ^_^

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

#Throwback - Conquering Chocolate Fountain on Hari Keusahawanan 2013

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Ehemm . Hai . Lama tak update . Kan ? Ada orang perasan tak aku dah lama tak update ?

Krik krik krik 

Bukannya tak ada idea . Adaaaa ! Banyakkkkkkkk !!! Tapi , kekangan masa . Yes , i am too busy . Pheww . Entahlah , sejak dapat result spm , kesibukannya menjadi-jadi . Ke aku sorang je yang camtu ?  *facepalm* Bukannya buat apa pun . Pergi sekolah , sebab nak uruskan certain things . And yeah , shopping untuk persediaan sambung belajar . Awal sangat ? NO ! Sebab , no matter what , aku tetap nak sambung belajar . So , takde ruginya beli barang awal-awal . Awal tak awal lahh , pejam celik pejam celik result matriks and upu pun keluar . Tak ke kelam kabut bila time tu nak pergi , time tu baru menggagau nak beli barang ? Pastu , time tu jugak benda yang kita nak dah takde or habis etc . Padan muka lah . Sape suruh tak get ready awal-awal . Nasiblah dapat ''barang last minute'' . Kalau last minute tu , faham-faham je lahh kan . Hee ~

So , harini aku nak buat entry baling belakang aka throwback . Lama tak #terobekhatiku , bak kata Bongtri . Hahaha . Siapa Bongtri ? Suami Kokping (Fynn Jamal) lerr .

Last year , aku tiba-tiba join meniaga dengan budak-budak pengawas aku . Ketua pengawas yang berkaliber yer . Turun padang katakauuuuu :P Mula-mula aku nak join Science Fair by my class , tapi entah kenapa aku nak join jual-jual pulak . Kesian lah kan sebab kurang penjual .  Sebab ada chocolate fountain je sebenarnya :P Yelah , ramai pengawas-pengawas aku yang dok tolong persatuan/kelab/unit beruniform masing-masing kan . Eleh , ada je yang malas nak datang and datang hari keusahawanan sebab nak jalan-jalan dengan buayapreng and gelipreng tuu . Mcm aku taktau . Lalalaa ~ Abaikan bebelan aku . Hahaa .

Ohhhh , ada reben perasmian ?

 Kenapa aku tak perasan time emcee umumkan perasmian and all ? Ok , aku tau kenapa . Budak-budak ni semua dah excited sangat , so diorang berlari dengan penuh keterujaan dan kebisingan menuju ke gerai-gerai terutamanya satu-satunya gerai yang ada chocolate fountain tuhhhhhh :P

Sumber dua gambar di atas ni adalah dari facebook sekolah :D

 Can you see the sexy chocolate fountain ? Aku yang tengah dip marshmallow kat chocolate fountain tuh . Busy sangat time ni . Tak dan nak pandang camera . Haih -,-

We were selling Marshmallow dipped with chocolate , Colourful Lollipop , Cocktail and many more delish foods ! Theme kami haritu ialah CHOCOLATE . Sebab itu lah ada chocolate fountain . Tak menang tangan layan customer yang tak putus-putus . Kitorang tak bersiap sedia nak mula meniaga pun orang ramai dah serbu . Pheww . Tak sempat nak rasmikan our main attraction -- marshmallow dipped with chocolate . Sobsob .

It's me again who's conquering the chocolate fountain ! 

Sebab aku kan terer main bende ni . Time ni , terpaksa tutup chocolate fountain , so tiada pancutan coklat akan berlaku . Sebab we were out of chocolate and marshmallow stockkkkk !! So , our runningwoman pergi merempit ke kedai yang berdekatan untuk pergi beli kejap . Nasiblah awal-awal lagi dah spot and cari kedai , yelah kot-kot ter-habis cepat ke . Padahal kitorang dah sediakan lebih drpd target jualan tau bende alah ni semua . Sekali , memang terlebih target jualan sangat-sangat . 2 3 kali ulang alik kedai sebab out of stock . Rezeki Allah bagi tak putus-putus kan . Hehee . Kawan datang beli pun aku boleh tak perasan . Erk .

Kan aku dah kata aku yang conquer bende alah fountain ni . Hee ~ 

Nampak tak susunan marshmallow tu ? Asal letak je habis . Tak boleh nak duduk walau sesaat . Boleh bayangkan kesibukannya ? Haaa gituh . Ada dua jenis marshmallow . Satu yang dip penuh , satu yang mcm dalam gambar tuh . Yang kesiannya kami semua tak dapat nak merasa foods yang kami jual !! Dah habis . Nak bawak balik untuk adik aku pun , aku terpaksa beli makanan lain kat kedai lain . Sebab kat kedai kitorg ni dah xde apa yang tinggal . Ada lah yang tinggal , gula-gula and lollipop sikit . Hahaha . Sebab kebanyakannya pembeli lollipop ialah budak-budak . Mak bapak budak pun ade . Kitorg memang sedia banyak lollipop . Pastu aku buat gubahan lollipop ala-ala bunga gituh . Tapi takdelah gambarnya , kan aku dah cakap , tak sempat nak buat apa , customer dah serbu .

Aku dah plan lah lepas set up gerai , nak amek gambar buat kenangan gituh . Tetapi . Segala-galanya musnah . Ranap ! Dan lagu pelamin anganku musnah pun berkumandang . Aduhaii . Kitorang swith on je plug chocolate fountain , terus ramai orang serbu . Padahal kitorang nak testing je time tuh . Ke kitorg ni tak perasan yang pengetua dah rasmikan Hari Keusahawanan ni ? Hahaha .

Pengalaman jadi peniaga walaupun sekejap je memang worthy . Best ! Tapi bila balik tu , terbongkang tak hengat dunia . Yelah , asyik diri je . Mana ada dudukya . Baru nak tarik kerusi , ada je orang datang . Hehee . Aku akan rindu moment ini . Seriously !!! Sobsob :'(

p/s Aku plan nak letak chocolate fountain lahh time wedding reception aku nanti . Ohoiiii . Berangan ! Ayahanda suruh belajo dulu . Krik krik krik krik .

Sekian , terima kasih daun keladi ^_^

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bila SPM Leavers pergi sekolah


Semalam kan awakk , kite pegi sekolah kite tau . Kite jumpe kawan-kawan kitee . Ramai tauu ! Woi , dah kenapa mcm budak-budak tak matang je kau ckp lin . Hahaha . Ok abaikan muqadimah yang tak berapa nak matang tu yer . So , apa khabar ? Harapnya korang sihat aje lah yerr . Siapa perasan , aku pasang lagu baru kat blog aku ? Angkat tangan ! Hik3 . 

Semalam aku pergi sekolah . Nak uruskan sijil LCCI untuk Accounts aku . Siapa yang ambik akaun tu tau lah kan sijil ni untuk apa . Ke , korang taktau ? For those yang tak tahu , boleh pergi laman web ini ----> dan fahamkan sendiri . Ada dua cara untuk apply sijil LCCI ni .

1. Students who wish to apply for their certificate may submit complete application form via their respective schools within one month of the release of SPM results.
 2. If one missed or unable to submit within the first month through one's respective schoool, alternatively, one may send the complete application directly to LCCI International Qualifications Malaysia office or to the LCCI Authorised Training Centres.
3. Application Form and List of Authorised Training Centres (ATCs) can be downloaded from below provided link.

1. Click the banner below to submit your application online. (Note: Scan your identity card (IC) and SPM result slip in advance for this application process
2. You will need access to a valid credit card or online banking facility to make payment for this application. (One may use 3rd party account with permission for this purpose). Click following link for the list of online payment options;  

Translate sendiri eh ? Boleh apply sampai 31 Oktober ni . Tak faham , boleh tanya aku .


Berbalik kepada tajuk entry . Aku pergi sekolah dalam 8.45 camtu , balik pukul 10.30 . Lama kan ? Sah-sahlah jumpa classmates kan bila dah pegi sekolah tu . Hik3 . Okey sebelum tu , aku pergi bilik kaunseling tau . Borak-borak dengan cikgu , uruskan pasal sijil LCCI and all . Tiba-tiba kaunselor suruh aku nasihatkan budak-budak yang ponteng . Oh well , mantan KP kan >.< Mula-mula mcm segan ah nak nasihat-nasihat , ceramah orang bagai . Tapi , dah lama-lama aku pulak tak sedar panjang aku bebel . Nasib kau la nakk . Harapnya tak ulang lagi . Aku harap air mata yang keluar tadi , air mata keinsafan , bukan air mata mintak simpati . Kang tangan aku naik kat pipi , parah pulak . Hahaha . Lama tak asah skill psycho orang , rasa mcm nak tergelak je bila cakap dengan budak-budak tu tadi , macam haremm , hahaha . 

Lepas selesai urusan tu , aku masuk office pulak sebab nak betulkan sijil . Niat di hati nak jumpa pengetua and pihak pentadbir sekali . Unfortunately , diorang takde kat office . So , takpe ah kan . Kalau tak , asal jumpa cikgu , mesti keluar soalan sama : ''Awak tengah buatpe sekarang ni?'' . Soalan cliche kan ? Jawapan pun cliche : ''Sye duduk rumah goyang kaki , tak kerja pun'' . Hahaha . After selesai urusan , terjumpa classmates . Aku datang dengan kawan aku je , zahidah . Tak sangka bila sampai dah nak balik , diorang muncul . Rezeki . Hehehe . Pastu kitorang memekak pulak kan . Tak malu . Hahaha .

Dari kiri : Haizum , Zahidah , Aku , Widad , Farathul dan Aqidah

Ni baru sikit . Kalau keluarga cekalister semua datang , memang runtuh sekolah kot , hahahaha . Moga ukhuwwah kita kekal hingga ke syurga . Mesti lepasni dah bawa haluan masing-masing , universiti/kolej matriks lain , course lain . Harap korang takkan lupa aku and harap aku pun tak lupa korang , hee ~ 

Sekian , terima kasih daun keladi ^_^

Friday, 11 April 2014

Things that I miss the most about school


Alhamdulillah . My health is getting better . Thank you for your doa :)
So , i would like to list a few things that i miss the most about school . I think maybe some of you will be shocked or you will act like ''Is this girl insane already ?'' or whatsoever . But , just who cares right ? I am the one who is missing that sort of things . If you're not on my  side , i am okay laa . Everyone got their own precious opinion . So , chill ok . Toksah nak bertumbuk pulak nanti . Hahahaha hazlin dah start merepek sebab banyak makan kerepek . Lalalaa ~

1. Tons of homework

Yesss , homeworks ! Tu yang paling paling paling aku rindu nak buat . Sebab aku memang suka buat homework . Ok bukan nak bangga yer , tapi aku memang suka , nak buat macam mana kan . Aku rasa happy bila cikgu bagi homework and aku akan upset sikit bila cikgu tak bagi homework . Kelakar kan ? Hahaha . Sebab , in my opinion if cikgu ajar then dia give us homework , ilmu tu lagi senang nak lekat . And , if kita buat homework yang cikgu bagi tu , insyaAllah ilmu tu akan diberkati . Pendapat aku lahh . Ermm , tangan aku ni pun dah kekok je nak pegang pen . Aduhai . Kena exercise banyak-banyak ni .

2. My beloved teachers

Siapa faham ? Hahahaha . Seriously , rindu cikgu-cikgu . Bukan apa , rindu nak dengar time diorang complaining about our class , rindu nak dengar diorang bagi kata-kata semangat in every single things yang kami buat especially on examinations , rindu nak buat muka tak faham , rindu nak buat reaksi buka mata besar-besar sebab ngantuk sangat tapi tetap akan terkatup jugak sekejap , rindu nak rasa terpinga-pinga bila all of a sudden cikgu tanya soalan/kuiz . Rindu semuanya . Taktau nak cakap macam mana . Allah ...

3. My Cekalisters big family 

Besar kan ? Gambar diambil masa penyusunan meja kerusi utk SPM . Kerek kan bawa kamera pegi sekolah ? Ni apa ketua pengawas macam ni ? Shhh diam ah ! Hahaha . Rindu sangat kat korang . Nak bising dalam kelas . Yelah , kelas yang paling bising dalam sekolah since Form 1 . 
1 Arif , 2 Arif , 3 Arif , 4 Cekal and 5 Cekal 
(Ada dri kelas lain tapi ni majoriti yang ada dalam 5 Cekal la)
Taktau nak cakap macam mana , yang penting aku rindu semangat kerjasama dalam kelas kita dulu . Hahaha kelakar gila . Defend each other . Nak gossip pun ramai-ramai . Sorang sedih , semua jadi kepochi , hahaha . Masa Form 1 dulu , kengkonon malu ah , bajet macam budak baik-baik je kan , sekali dah lama duduk sebumbung , hah hamekkk ! Serious , rindu keluarga Cekalister !!

4. My prefects

During Watikah Perlantikan Pengawas or Prefects Installation Ceremony
Boleh spot aku ? Paling hujung , sebelah lelaki tu . Dia penolong aku . Lalalaa ~

Taknak update gambar pengawas banyak-banyak . Nanti nangis :3 Orang yang paling dirindui ialah mereka . Banyak ah jugak aku fikir , boleh ke diorang handle and all . Aku suka marah diorang . Marah sayang la kan . Takde orang marah tanpa sebab . And at the end of the schools day , diorang datang kat aku , minta maaf kat aku and blablabla . Yelahh , aku kan ketua . Perempuan pulak , sensitipp sokmo :P Sebenarnya , aku tak marah sangat pun . Cuma terkilan sebab ada yg culas dengan tanggungjawab . Kang dirotan ke dilempang ke , kata aku over pulak . Tak masal dapat gelaran gila kuasa , hahaha . Tapi ramai je yang ok . Yang tak ok tu ermmm 20% kott ? Entahlah . Hahaha . Pengawas aku ramai , total pagi dan petang 113 kot . Lupa dah . Tapi 100++ laa . Wehhh , akak sayang korang tau . Rindu korang sangat :'(

5. Berborak kat dataran kejat before perhimpunan

Gossiping ? Hahaha . Tak sangat lah , tapi boleh lah . Korang pun kannnnn :P
Almaklumlah , aku sampai sekolah 6.25 pagi . Perhimpunan 7.15 , berbual lah kan dengan budak-budak kelas sebelah and kelas sendiri . Syok wooo . Sambil breakfast lagi tau . Nikmat ah makan gelap-gelap . Nama pun dataran , bumbungnya langit laaa :D

6. Tangga kat sekolah

Tapi , aku suka time turun tangga je . Time SPM dulu , dapat tingkat 4 . Boleh bayangkan tak seksa tak seksa ? Tapi tawakal je lah . Semput-semput pun gagahkan aje . Oh yer , tangga-tangga kat sekolah ni jugak jadi port aku intai-intai pengawas aku yang bertugas . Diorang tak perasan pun aku tengah ronda . Hahahaha .

7. Makan bekal kat sekolah surrounded with friends

Time ni , ramai yang pergi kantin sebab kehabisan stok makanan sendiri . Apakah ? Hahaha . Ok , sangat kurang kesopanan cik hazlin makan di situ :P Sebenarnya , time makan ni lah paling best . Boleh kongsi-kongsi makanan , and borak-borak . Selalu jugak borak pasal math , physic and other subjects masa makan . Janganlah pelik . Kadang-kadang sempat tanya pasal jalan kerja homework yang semalam lah , minggu lepas lah and so on . Memang best ! Tapi aku kedekut sikit bila nak bagi org rasa sikit bekal aku . Sebab aku ni monster , makan banyak . Hahahaha . 

8. Yassin recitals

Best ! Sebab nanti ada buat kutipan derma . Sometimes , ada ustazah bagi tazkirah . Memang best sangat baca yasin masa perhimpunan awal pagi . Everyday ok ! Tujuan bacaan yasin umumnya utk disedekahkan kepada yang berkenaan dan budak-budak yang nak PMR and SPM . Tapi , sedekahkan utk semua lah kan . Mana aci baca untuk budak-budak nak exam besorr je , hahaha . Sekolah korang ad buat macam ni tak ? Best kan ? Boleh lah rasa tenang duduk dalam sekolah . Pengisian rohani kan namanya :)

So , rasanya sampai sini ajelah coretan aku kali ni . Dah ngantuk sangat ni . Almaklumlah , tengah-tengah malam je yang free nak online lama-lama . Students lepasan SPM confirm banyak sangat benda yang rindu kan ? Aku ni pakal je malas nak list semua . Kang ada yang colourful vomit pulakkkkk . Hahahah .

Sekian , terima kasih daun keladi ^_^

Sunday, 6 April 2014

#Throwback - Pertandingan Bahas Ala Parlimen Peringkat Daerah Pasir Gudang

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Pengakuan : Sesungguhnya tuan tanah dah lupa serba sedikit tentang pertandingan ni . Sebagai contoh , lawan sekolah mana , tajuk apa dan hari keberapa -_- Seriously , banyak yang dah lupa . Almaklumlah , dah lama benau . Lepastu kebanyakan bahagian otak digunakan untuk menghafal fakta-fakta utk SPM yang lalu (alasan semata-mata) . Mana yang ingat , tuan tanah akan tulis yooo :D

Alhamdulillah , our team got second place ^_^

Kenangan paling paling paling bermakna sepanjang aku bersekolah . Join debate team ! Hee ~
Aku bertindak as menteri keempat sajo sebenarnya . Tapi , jangan diperlekehkan menteri keempat dan kelima yang bertindak sebagai pencelah tau ! Melalui kami lah , perdana menteri , timbalan perdana menteri dan menteri ketiga mendapat fakta palsu yang kami buat time tengah bertanding tuh . Seriously best ! Aku masuk pun last minute . Tapi memang best sangat lah . Memang best . Taktau nak describe feeling tu macam mana . Aku sebenarnya gerun jugak nak bertanding , yelah wakil sekolah kan , bawa nama sekolah pula tuh . Memang mencabar jugak ah . Perdana menteri dengan timbalan perdana menterinya dah pernah join debate masa 2012 , so bukan masalah besor lah kan . Kami yang lagi tiga orang ni masalah sikit nak biasakan . Tapi yelah , once kau dah kat atas pentas , kau dah tak takut malah kau akan bersemangat dan rasa best sangat-sangat . Hah , faham tak perasaan aku time tuh ? Hee ~

Taraa ! So , this is our debate team . Yang pakai baju sekolah sajo peserta .
Gambar atas dari kiri : Ain , Aku , Zarith , Sir Rosman , Sir Haikal , Khaty , Cikgu Ali , Afiqah , Cikgu Nazri (kot)
Gambar bawah dari kiri : Aku , Afiqah , Khaty , Teacher Sahila , Zarith , Ain 

First day . Kami lawan di SMK Pasir Gudang 1 . 
Kami naik dua kereta . Kereta Sir Rosman ada 3 pendebat terpenting lah kiranya . Aku dengan Ain naik kereta Teacher Sahila . Di samping taknak menyempit-nyempit dalam kereta dan bagi menjaga hati cikgu-cikgu pengiring *over gila ayat , sebabtu lah kami pecah separuh2 , hah gituhh . 

Round 1 : SMK Kota Masai vs SMK Pasir Gudang 2
Tajuk :  Khidmat Tenaga Import Meningkatkan Mutu Sukan Negara
Position : Kerajaan
Keputusan : SMK Kota Masai MENANG 

Round 2 : SMK Kota Masai vs SMK Pasir Gudang
Tajuk : Sekolah Agen Transformasi Sahsiah Pelajar
Posisi : Pembangkang
Keputusan : SMK Kota Masai KALAH 

KALAH ? Belum lagi . Rupa-rupanya second round tu tak payah lawan lagi ! Sebenarnya lawan satu round sahaja untuk melayakkan diri ke peringkat seterusnya , so round kedua tu dikira batal . Masa tuh , kami taktau lagi . Balik tu memang menangis ah , tapi cakap sesama sendiri suruh redho . Yelah , kau mampu nak menanggung kekalahan ? Dahlah baru je bertanding , baru sehari lawan dah kalah . Memang spoil ahhh . Lepastu , masing-masing sampai rumah dekat maghrib jugak lah kan , cikgu yang hantar . After maghrib dapat call daripada Sir Rosman yang kami kena bertanding esoknya di SMK Johor Jaya 2 . Masa tu kami semua mcm tak percaya . Ingat kena troll ke apa kan . Memang surprise gila ! That's what we called second chance ! So , after this , tebus kekalahan ! Yay ! Go SKOMAS go !! So , masing-masing update status yang we got second chance . So , yeah , fighting !

Second day . Kami lawan di SMK Taman Johor Jaya 2 .

Peringkat suku akhir
Round 1 (pagi) : SMK Kota Masai vs SMK Taman Johor Jaya 2
Tajuk : Sekolah Agen Transformasi Sahsiah Pelajar
Posisi : Kerajaan
Keputusan : SMK Kota Masai MENANG 

 Third day . Masih di SMK Taman Johor Jaya 2 . 

Peringkat separuh akhir
Round 2 (petang) : SMK Kota Masai vs SMK Taman Nusa Damai
Tajuk : Media Sosial Memupuk Nilai-nilai Kemanusiaan
Posisi : Kerajaan 
Keputusan : SMK Kota Masai MENANG

Khaty punya gambar >.<

Cop coppp . Lepas kami layak ke peringkat akhir , Sir Rosman iaitu ketua jurulatih kami terpaksa ditahan ward . Allahurabbi . Tekanan buat kami semua . Allah je tau perasaan kami . Kami kuatkan semangat , lawan sebab sir dah banyak korban masa untuk kami , dia sanggup tahan sakit dia semata-mata nak ajar kami budak-budak debat . Kami memang rasa bersemangat gila lah , takut tu ada , cuma dah ditutup dek perasaan semangat aura dari Sir Rosman . Hebat kan aura dia ? :) 

Forth day . Masih lawan di SMK Taman Johor Jaya 2 .

Tempat kami dikuarantinkan . Masa ni belum tiba masa untuk kuarantin so , sempat main phone , camera , laptop etc >.< Oh ya , kami terpaksa pakai uniform sekolah biasa sebab nak seragam . Sebenarnya kalau kat sekolah , kami semua pakai baju peach sebab kami pengawas except afiqah yang librarian .

Peringkat akhir
SMK Kota Masai vs SMK Pasir Gudang 1
Tajuk : Pemberian Subsidi Wajar Diteruskan
Posisi : Pembangkang
Keputusan : SMK Kota Masai KALAH

Semasa final ni , Sir Rosman takde dengan kami . Dia kan kat hospital . And then , masa sebelum bertanding , boleh dikatakan every 7 minutes , dia akan call Teacher Sahila and nak cakap dengan kami . Kami memang speechless lah . Nangis-nangis time cakap dengan dia on the phone . 10 kali cakap , 10 kali nangis . Bayangkan lah . Sakit-sakit dia , still ambil berat pasal kami . Dah lawan ke belum ? Dah makan ke ? Dah ready ke ? Dah itu . Dah ini . Kesian jugak kat teacher sahila sebab banyak kali kena angkat phone sebab sir tak putus-putus call . Sir bagi semangat dari jauh la kiranya . *Tetiba sebak ni kenapaaaaa . Sir akan cakap dengan setiap seorang daripada kami . Well , kenalah adil dengan anak-anak . Ye dak ? Hahaha .

Peringkat akhir yang sangatlah mencabar . Banyak dugaan . Tiba-tiba the 3 of us got cirit-birit . Tiba-tiba ada yang macam nak demam and pening-pening (aku lah tu) . Tiba-tiba juri takde lah . Tiba-tiba kena lewatkan masa bertanding lah . Macam-macam lagi lah , tak sanggup nak senaraikan . Hmmm .

Pembahas 1 dan 3 turned crazy . Aku yang amek gambor ni pun turut tergelak . Gaduh lah konon pastu berbaik . Stres sebab final match mungkin . Lepas kejadian inilah , 3 daripada kami kena cirit birit . Adei !

So , for the final . Memang kami bermati-matian . Kami kalah tipis ok . 2-3 je pun . 2 juri berpihak pada kami manakala lagi 3 berpihak pada pihak lawan . Tak rasa menyesal . Sebab kami memang buat yang terbaik . Cuma terkilan sikit sebab tak dapat johan untuk sir rosman . Tapi sir rosman kata , kami tetap juara di hati dia . Cewahhh ! 

Selepas keputusan diumumkan . SMK Kota Masai vs SMK Pasir Gudang 1

Yeahhhh , the best team ever ! Dua orang cikgu inilah yang banyak bagi support sepanjang ketiadaan Sir Rosman . Sebelum ni , time ada Sir Rosman pun diorang bagi support tau !! Awesome yoo .

Mereka dan Papa Rosman semasa Anugerah Kokurikulum kat sekolah . 
Time ni aku takdeeee ! Sbb balik Kelantan . Haih -,- Jeles .

And , yeah . We won silver for this debate match . Congratulations to ourselves ! Hee ~
Eventhough kami tak dapat jadi wakil Pasir Gudang utk ke peringkat negeri , tapi takpelah . Dah banyak sangat class kami skip . Banyak pelajaran tertinggal . Jadi , everything happens for many reasons kan ? Allah Maha Mengetahui ^_^

Balik dari pertandingan akhir ni . Someone called me . Yeah , ''someone'' . Memang aku happy sangat time tuh , walaupun no dua at least team aku dapat naib johan , peringkat daerah pulak tu . Korang ada ? Non hado , hahaa . So , sepanjang perbualan kami , aku banyak cakap dan banyak sangat gelak . Someone tu pun pelik kot tengok aku happy semacam . Memori 1 jam 49 minit , aku takkan lupa sampai bila-bila . Selama ni dia je cakap , aku yang diam . Tiba-tiba hari tu , aku pulak banyak mulut . Dia banyak TERDIAM . Mungkin terkejut dengan reaksi aku yang super happy ? Hahahaha . Terima kasih awak :)

Banyak yang aku nak cerita , tapi aku rasa ni dah terlebih panjang kot , kang ada yang muntah warna-warni . Hahaha . So , kalau korang dapat chance untuk  join debat , pidato , public speaking whatsoever whether in malay or english , join lah . Kalah menang adat bertanding . Pengalaman tu penting . Tak dapat nak beli kat mana-mana tau . So , have fun joining such this awesome activities ! 

Sekian , terima kasih daun keladi ^_^

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