Saturday, 1 November 2014

An update after a long timeeee

Assalamualaikum and hellooo .

How i miss this blog so damn muchhhhhh !!!
Ada orang rindu saya takkk ? Hahaha perasan .
 Last update was on  11th May and it makes me feel like i am so badddd hahaha .
I do have the ideas but i just need to buy some more time for this blog . 
Got what i meant huh ? Peace !
Okayyyyyy .
This is just a quick and short update from me !
How are you guys doing ? Really hope all of you are doing fine and great !!
 (and stay awesome , of course !)
To be honest , i am updating this using my mobile phone ! Hahaha .
Just want to inform that i will be back to the blog world in a week time insyaAllah .
For your information , i am still enjoying the semester break of Semester 1's Foundation in Law .
Law is awesome guys ! 
I never thought that studying law things will be so fun and not so stress .
 (if you can manage your time well) 
My last paper was on 3th October and i went back for holiday on 4th October .
And here i am , still in the holiday mood !!
I will be back to Kuantan on this 30th November as Semester 2 will start on 1st December .
Phewwww . Time flies so fast !
For this time being , i am busy with MUET . I will be sitting MUET (The part for Reading , Writing and Listening) on this 8th November . 
The speaking part was on last 13th October and it went smoothly and awesome !
So yeahh . Wish me luck !

You guys just have to prepare not to blood vomit once i have update all my abandoned entries soon !

Yes , aku akan update SEMUA entri yang telah disimpan dalam laptop . Nak bukak blog tak sempat sangat kan time study so , update kat Word je lah dulu hehehe . Seriously , banyak sangat cerita . 
(Ceh konon macam ada limapuloh entri yang terbengkalai je ceritanya)

At first , rasa nak delete je blog ni sbb kekangan masa . Tapi ada lah orang2 yg mntk aku kekalkan blog ni and keep updating . So here i am ! Harap tak menyampah kalau sekarang ni every single minute/hour/day akan ada update pastu tiba-tiba blog ni macam hidup segan mati tak mahu sebab owner dah busy balik dgn study hahaha .

See you later !

Sekian , terima kasih daun keladi ^_^


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