Sunday, 7 December 2014

Officially in the second semester

Assalamualaikum and hello!

*wipes some dust off*

I am truly sorry. Seriously. I have made a promise(s) to post all my overdued posts right after I reached Kuantan. But, I couldn't make it. I am not motivated to post them. I do not have any feeling when looking at the laptop. Even though WiFi here is so good but i couldn't manage myself to make my blog lively T_T

So yeah. I reached in Kuantan on November 30. 2 days early before lecture classes started. It's been a week bro! So far so good, alhamdulillah. But i do miss our old house, A103. My new house for this semester is A108. WiFi is good but there will be days of shortage of water. Hey like seriously? We never experienced this before. New challenge! Need to wake up so early and take a bath or else you'll be smelly all the day long.

Packed !!! Rest in peace friday's holiday T_T

First day of lecture classes started on the 2nd. It was pretty good. Got only a morning class attended by the lecturer and the other class was cancelled. Erm actually the evening class is not so called cancelled 'cause we attended the class, Madam Roose took our attendance and we can go back as she's not well.

Forgot to mention early. I have been appointed as the class representative [Class rep] by Zaidy, our previous class rep on the first semester. And my assistant is my best friend forever and ever, Azim. Do not ask me why i be the leader. I myself do not know. When I asked Zaidy, he said he trust on me. So yeah. Another amanah for this semester. May Allah ease! Zaidy is so busy with his JPK [Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej] thingy so he asked me to replace him. It's a surprise you know. We argued at first and i raised white flag at the end.

To be honest, being a class rep is not so easy compared to being the head of prefect. You must be the first one who know almost about everything happens. You need to call your lecturers to ask whether the class is cancelled or not [Not to mention, you need to top up your phone's credit very often]. You will be the first one who got any information regarding your class or campus. In short, you must be the first person in every single thing. It ain't easy! But with the trust given by Zaidy and the whole class and assist by Azim, insyaAllah i can go through all this. I am not alone :)

Selfie on the first day of lecture's class.

As a foundation student, it is not a surprise if you got your assignmentssss on your very first of lecture class. No surprise seriously. But, we do got many leisure times. As expected! Hahaha. It still the beginning of the semester, folks. Just get ready to be a zombie again in a few weeks. 

We will go back for the mid sem break on December 19. Hey, you just enrolled the second semester and now you are going to have a holiday again?? Yes!! I do not know why this happens to us. But, let's just go with the flow :P

Got to go. Need to do notes and some preparations for the lecture classes tomorrow. Till we meet again.

 Stay awesome! XOXO.

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