Monday, 29 December 2014

To SPM Leavers : What to do after SPM?

Hellooo. Anybody there?

You are currently in the Post-SPM period? Yes? Congratulations! 
This entry is specially dedicated for you. Yes, you! The one who is reading this entry *claps* 
Since I have no update for a quite long time, about 3 weeks or so, SO HERE IS THE UPDATE. (like anyone cares) 

"Urghhh, so boring. Nothing to do."
"Oh my God! I have no idea to do anything! Someone please help me!!"
"I have nothing to do. Sleep and eat. And it will be repeated for days, like a routine. Hmmm."

Please brothers and sisters. These kind of things sicken me. Got what I meant? Come on, you are no more secondary school kids. You have nothing to do? Like seriously? You can filled in your days with many beneficial activities. Many, dear. (Working is excluded!) 

These are what you should do during this Post-SPM period. 

1.Enhance your soft skills. (hard skills as well)

What is soft skills? In my humble opinion, soft skills is things like how you communicate with others, how you work in a group or team, how you solve your problems, how you manage your time well etc. Hard skills can be learned but not soft skills. Soft skills is really really really important. (Can you see the repetition? So, i am not doing any jokes) You need to use the soft skills as a university student, in an interview session(s) and as a worker.Can I say as a human being? (lol) Employers seek for a worker with a good soft skills. Lecturers would be happy if you bring your good soft skills along as a student. So yeah. How you communicate with the world is important.

Well people, you have ended your so-called "spoon-feeding" era, so you must stand by your own. You need to be independent.So, I really hope you can use Google wisely. Please search what is soft skills, the importance, yada yada. Anything that pertaining to the soft skills. (You may do this for hard skills as well) This is for your future! It is not like I don't want to lend a help about this thing, but you must be independent. How can Google exist but you don't want to use it with brain? (deep) Rock the world with your skills! :D

2.Learn English language. (or any demanded/useful language)

Learning again? Oh gosh! Hey people, why not? But yeah, there is nothing else that I can say if you have mastered English language well. Based on my observation, (yes, I like to observe people) there are quite number of students don't use English properly (grammatical errors excluded!) i.e I love you until when when. Bro, like seriously? You are using Google Translate, aren't you? Shameful. It is so direct!! I just can't accept this. Yes, I am irritated. There are so many ways to make your English language better. You just need to be diligent to upgrade yourself. UPGRADE! CHANGE! I beg you, don't use direct translation anymore. 'Cause it really shows your level of laziness. (Yes, I am not joking.)

You can watch many so-called "English-tuition-videos" on YouTube FOR FREE. (Yes, we love free items) For example, engVid, EnglishLessons4U and many more. Just type it, insyaAllah there will be loads of videos! You really need to learn English because you are going to sit for MUET / TOEFL / IELTS. (I am not going to explain more about this 'cause you will know this once you stepped into Form 6 / Foundation / Matriculation / ADFP / A-Level etc)

Please enhance your skills in Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. No regret, I tell you.

I really enjoyed his videos. He come with humour. 

3.Broaden up your mind. (by reading, watching videos etc)

What for? To make your brain working and functioning well, of course. You need to make yourself updated. As the result, you will be more open in receiving any ideas from others. Narrow minded no more! But, let me warn you first. Watch and read materials that suitable for you. You don't need to do what you are not supposed to do in broaden up your mind. You can watch BuzzFeed videos (for humour) , Helen Shows, listening to the online podcasts, newspapers, magazines, online articles, yada yada. Search what you want and enjoy! :)

You need to broaden your mind 'cause you will associate with many people. And of course they are from different background, country or state, opinion and so on. If you do not have a broaden mind, how can you deal with those people? You are not live in this world alone. So, think wisely.

This is one of the BuzzFeed Videos. You will surely enjoy them. Hilarious!

4.Make universities/courses etc research. (for the sake of your future)

I do not know why many SPM Leavers ask silly questions to the seniors (especially in the groups that offer helps for the path after SPM things) Oh well, they just ended their secondary school right? So yeah, you are forgiven. Only this once! Eh, stop being emotional. Eheh. What I can see is, many do not know their PASSION. This is the main problem. So, that's why they (or maybe you?) do not know what they are going to do after they got the result. Hurtful truth huh?

Again, I urge you to make some research. It may affected most of your 'leisure' times. But, yes, this is for the future. And, if you still have no idea or clue after the research, please ask the expert one i.e senior, family, friends. Get their opinion. But, you must keep this on your mind. People will give you many different opinions, but at the end of the day, you are the one who hold the key for your future. Do not forget to do solat istikharah in making choice(s) :) Do what you are enjoy in, the one that will make you satisfied. Do not ever care about the job prospect and all. If you are awesome enough in your field, who would let you jobless? We have alphabets from A to Z. Thus, do not static with the Plan A only. There are more alphabets behind A ;)

To achieve your dream university / college, do some research!!

5.Make some time to be with the family. (bonding time)

Spare some time or you will regret. (evil laugh) Why? Because you are going to be busy once you have step into ''the path after SPM''. You may have lots of  free times for the first semester (based on my experience as a foundation student) but not for the following semester(s). If you are going to study abroad, it is impossible to have you at home every month, with your parents and siblings. Right? So, use this quite long time to be spent with the family. (and friends?) This is the time, people. You will be busy soon. It is not like you have no more time with your family (and friends?) after this, but yeah, trust me, it will not be the same.

It is really joyful when you are spending the time with your family, you know. No regret. I really look forward for a long holiday during my semester days. Why? I need retreat short vacation with my family. Vacation, doesn't mean you need to spend lots of money. It is like, a short trip to Malacca or Hutan Bandar or any beaches maybe? Something small like that, but will surely strengthen the family bonding. It will be fun! So yeah, use this precious time to be spent with the family.

My little brothers during a short retreat with the family at Hutan Bandar.

6.Create your personal brand online. (not about set up business)

What is personal brand online? Is it something like a business? Hey, I have stated up there, it is not about set up business okay. You may get confused once you read the subheading, right? You must think it is something like online shop on Instagram or Facebook. (ahh, don't lie) Well, this will be my persuasive speech topic for my second assignment of ELC 092 (Speaking subject). Thus, expect a long explanation from me :P

What is personal brand online? It is related to how you present yourself online. Who says Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networking sites will give you no benefit? If you use it wisely, it will help you create your own personal brand online. To make a strong personal brand online, you must create a formal URL for the blog / Facebook (you know the other networking sites even though i am not mentioning them), use formal / professional email, stop posting unnecessary updates, (if you want to do so, make a limit) write properly (dun write laik diz) and just be yourself. You may have a discussion about certain current issues, but please discuss it with your brain. Use social networking sites well. You must think the perception of others to you. That's the importance in creating personal brand online.

Be matured! Stop using childish era email, display name or URL. For example, / Lorna Stargazer Love / (Only as examples, no hurt please) Long story short, use something that is easy and yet professional to be searched.  Based on some research, some employers may use Google to find out about the candidates in an interview(s). So, I suggest you to type your name on Google, and find out what is the first five results related to you. (you can see the whole results as well) Surprise? Surprise no more. Just practice what I have mentioned up there and worry no more. If you feel that you have posted unnecessary updates before this (like two years back or so), you can delete them if you don't want to ruin your personal brand online. Your employers to be may look through your Facebook accounts. But yeah, who would want to scroll the whole Facebook profile unless he is a stalker :P

I think that's it for now. If there is any questions, kindly comment or contact me through Facebook or or email. 

Till then, stay awesome! ^_^


  1. thank you for those tips T-T Im one of those spm leavers :/ I felt so clulesss to choose what course i should take. however, this entry makes me clear what should i do after this. i really appreciate it

    1. Hope it helps! Spend your time wisely okay. Good luck for your future undertakings :)


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