Thursday, 8 January 2015

My MUET Result

Assalamualaikum and hello guys :)

So, the result has been announced. *fireworks* I just can't describe the feeling. It was a surprise. Target achieved! I think I can do much better than this. But all in all, I am so grateful, alhamdulillah. With this result, one of the requirement in getting into law school can be ticked right now >.<

Getting into a law school is not so easy. You need to satisfy 3 qualifications. 
1. CGPA - 3.0 (minimum)
2. MUET - Band 4 (minimum) [Err.. I guess we are the last batch whom using the old qualification?]
3. Pass an interview with the faculty.

Well, the interview is a long way to go. I must struggle for the pointer. Hee ~

Smile :D

Do not intend to show off. I just want to share the happiness. So yeah. Almost to Band 5!! But, Allah knows best ;) Will do another test during my degree later in order to get Band 5 (a must !), insyaAllah. Pray for me. Thanks in advance, people! :)

That's all for today. Until then, stay awesome!


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