Saturday, 7 February 2015

Life update

Assalamualaikum and hello guys :)

Yeah I know, it's been a long time since my last post. Sometimes I forgot I have a blog. So, how are you doing? Hoping you guys are doing great ! I promise, I'll make an update about me for these few weeks. Expect lots of picture :D

I just recover from my not good state of health, Alhamdulillah. It was depressing hahaha. Yeah, you know. You rarely get sick and once you are sick, you are the worst sick person ever. Like seriously, no lies. Last Saturday, January 31st was the first day. I thought it just a normal sick for a student due to stress and whatnot so, I did not put too much care and attention. The climax was on the February 1st. "Hye February, Hye Sick". I went to the clinic on the next day 'cause I just can't stand anymore, I need to see the doctor! The gorgeous doctor said I am just suffering normal fever (38.2) and less of red blood cell. There's virus infection. My white blood cell is exceeding the red blood cell.

Almost to dengue, but thanks God it is not. It was my first time check the blood. At the time the doctor said "We want to check your blood a little bit yea", I was speechless but I said "Okay". OKAY??? Hazlin is sappy you know. She is the one who scared to the needle and the injection thingy but she said OKAY to the doctor hahaha. But yeah, it was cool actually. No hurt. Just feel like ant biting your hand. That's it. No big trouble. My imagination to scream loudly in the clinic do not succeed because there is no hurt at all! Tehee :P I got 2 days of MC (I need more though). Oh yeah, I need to make another blood test in 3 months time to make sure my blood cell is normal yada yada like I care.

Lots of medicine. I don't love them.

I hate them but I need them. I hate medicine!! Who is the pharmacologist? Hey you, please make some sweet medicine for me. It's not fancy to eat such a bitter medicine you know. You don't feel me, do you? Oh yeah, please don't tell the doctor, I don't eat the medicines anymore because I am strong enough and I hate those ''tambah darah'' medicines. Lots of medicines, vitamins will made me sicker. Seriously! Hahaha. I need to rethink if I decided to get married with a doctor 'cause he probably mad at me because of my medicine's theory and my reasons to not eat medicine :P

Thaipusam's march?

Succeed to capture this on Thaipusam's night. It was my very first time watching Thaipusam's march in front of my eyes. Yeah, this was happened besides our campus. Let me remind you, our campus is small and there is a road at the left side, housing area at the back and "jalan besar", housing area and "rumah kedai'' at in front of the campus. Back to the marching, it was fancy to watch them. The "lampu-lampu" thingy is beautiful. I don't know it's name so I just called it as "lampu-lampu" thingy.

First day of recovery :) It supposed to be Black and White Wednesday but I don't care :P

Second day of recovery :) I am not using Qu Puteh. Just Maybelline's BB Cream hahaha.

Third day of recovery :)

Many of my friends said I am getting thinner because of sick. I don't know whether they are in good faith or not hahaha. But I can eat a 80 cent bread for two days. A BREAD FOR TWO DAYS. I don't lie. I don't have any appetite to eat anything so, I just eat bread which lasts two days hahaha. After the recovery, I still don't have the appetite to eat rice. Give me anything but not rice. I CAN'T EAT RICE and it is the saddest part of my life T_T

KFC for yesterday since my appetite don't accept rice. Thanks to you-know-who-you-are for bought this. "Sorry for bought cheezy wedges as well" Hahaha wehh, that's my favourite, how can you ask an apology? :P "One friend leave you, another friend will come after" and yes, it is true. And thank you for being my awesome friend :)

Domino's Pizza Delivery in home for today!! Yeah, I just knew how to order online *clap hands*. Thank you to the deliverer 'cause you are so efficient (and handsome too hahaha). The new cheesy breadstix is so awesome! I ordered for 30% discount of personal pizza and 30% discount of new cheesy breadstix. A Plain Cheese Pizza, a 7-Meat Wonder and a Cheesy Breadstix are perfect combination for luncheon and dins. Yeah, I eat them twice (or maybe thrice or more). I was so excited to place an online order 'cause this was my very first time hahaha sappy me.

It was fun to watch the progress of my order hehehe :P

Ohh before I forgot. I want to share something about the tests. I need to delay my LAW 088/Global Issues Test because of the MC. Maybe I'll take them next week (this Monday) or next two week. LAW 2 and LAW 3 Tests had passed and alhamdulillah, Allah has ease everything. I got my Economy's Test Result. I don't know the feeling until now 'cause I experienced both which is mixed feeling. I got 9 over 10. I feel I am a looser hahaha okay. All in all I am grateful. I need to put more effort. Pray for me! Thanks in advance, people ^_^

That's some update from busy lawyer to be. I need to make draft and the script for my ELC's Evaluation, Persuasive Speech. Pray for me yea, thank you!! 

Until then guys. Stay awesome and positive! Bye :)


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