Monday, 27 April 2015

Dad is hospitalized

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

Hello everyone! This is just a quick update from me.

So, the title tells everything. My dad is hospitalized on last Tuesday (21st of April). He got some infection in his inner organs. After one day and half being warded, he became coma. At the moment I type this, he still unconscious and warded in High Dependency Ward (HDW), Hospital Sultan Ismail. However, my mom said he has started to move his hands, head and body. It is just his eyes didn't fully open yet. Alhamdulillah.

Hospital has become our second home 'cause we (mom and I) didn't get a chance to get back home. When my dad started to give positive response last two days, I decided to change turn with my younger brother, Haikal. He accompany my mom for few days since I need to handle my another two monkeys whom are still schooling. Yes, Haikal have to take a leave from attend the school.

Here I am, being a housewife for few days. It is quite okay. Unfortunately, I don't know what I have to cook for three times per day. Fully respect to all moms out there 'cause manage to handle everything. During my secondary school time, my mom discourage me from doing household chores (i mean, some household chores). Yes, cooking is included. Thus, I face a bit problem when it comes to cooking thingy. But, alhamdulillah I managed to cook some delicious foods for my two monkeys and yes, they are full >.<

Enough with blog posts. Need to finish my second round of laundry for today. Until then, bye.

Pray for my dad!!! I miss him.

I miss you. Please wake up!

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