Thursday, 30 July 2015

Fulfilled highschool's invitation


Assalamualaikum and hye everyone!

Wahhh! Bagusnya, asyik ada new post je blog ni. Hiks.


The place which made who I am now. The place which made me as their Head of Prefects on 2013. 

So, the title tells everything. Me and two of my highschool friends had been invited by the school (Unit Bimbingan dan Kaunseling to be exact) to give a talk to the SPM students. I don't know the exact name of the programme just now but it was for the SPM students. Actually, it was an informal event. So, we were just like having a small talk at the coffee house, restaurant and something like that. We share our experience, university life and lots of random things (I am all done with babbling hahaha).

The so called "penceramah jemputan". After the talk :)

Selfie (wefie?) at the stairs hiks.

Oh well, everyone knows me as "akak ketua pengawas garang" but they changed the nickname today to "akak lawyer". Duhhhhh -_-' We had lots of fun anyway. They asked us questions. LOTS OF QUESTIONS I TELL YOU! But yeah, I like it. Hiks. For your information, I warned them to not ask when will i getting married 'cause yeah you know, typical juniors would ask such questions hahahah.

Them. During self-reflection session. The close-your-eyes-and-crying things.

At the canteen. The teacher's part at the school's canteen to be exact.

We met lots of our old teachers. WE MET ALMOST EVERYONE! Hiks. How time flies so fast! They were so excited to see us (hope so) and so were we. Typical questions are including; What are you doing right now?, What is your course? , When will you getting married (T_T), What is your next plan?, Why you are becoming more beautiful from back then? (Hahahahha what a sappy questions for us T_T) and so on. We had a great joy to be asked such questions, hahaha.

The most important thing is, these things. Felt so appreciated. Thanks for making us overwhelming. Hiks. To our beloved daddy, Sir Rosman, thanks for the duit raya!! We are all grown up but still, get some duit raya from him. Overwhelmed again hahaha.

"I want you to be the most respected lawyer". Sir Rosman,  July 29, 2015.

Awwwhhhh. I would hug him IF he is a woman. He was my prefect's teacher. He hold the highest position during my time. One of my idols who never fails to boost my spirit from back then until now. We couldn't get enough time to have a picture together. He still a busy man like the old days! -_- However, he still the number one in heart. Oh, he has a gorgeous wife and three cutest superheroes so, don't worry! He's someone's husband, guys. Duhhhh hahaha.

Oh yeah! Many of the students and teachers thought us are new teachers. WHAT A GREAT JOKES PEOPLE hahahaha. Yes, we had been called as "cikgu". You know how we feel, doesn't you? Yeah right hahah. Got the experience to be a teacher even for awhile hahah. This was the most awesome visit to the school, you know. I would like to thanks the involved teachers and the students for having us. We had a great fun with you guys. May Allah ease all of you and best of luck! STRAIGHT A'S IN SPM DOESN'T DETERMINE WHO YOU ARE, TO BE HONEST ^_^ Until we meet again, students. Love you!

In front of the school's office. Actually, we want to get a picture with school's building background >.<

Good luck everyone! From, us. ^_^

Until then. Good luck to all SPM students!! Keep calm and answer the questions brilliantly. Stay awesome!

Love, Lynn.

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