Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sneak peek of the so called photoshoot

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone!

This is auto-published post as I write this on 4th Feb on 3am. I just finished eating a bowl of udang goreng kunyit yes I am not even kidding. I dozed off early today and even skipped my dinner. What did I do for the whole day eh? Hahaha >.< So, I would like to give a sneak peek of the so called photoshoot that have been done on 2nd Feb. Saje je nak give a constant updates kat blog ni hehe. These are from my handphone and the raw ones with dslr are still with my friend. I am so excited to see the result!!

One with the photographer, Shahirah.

I memang selalu la jadi bahan experiment dia ni. Nak try lens baru katanya. Ceh! Nanti memasing roger la nak photoshoot kat sana lah kat sini lah. After that, pergi mencekik lah apalagi, ingat tak lapar ke dok senyum pose kat kamera hahaha. Plan dah lama tapi asyik tak jadi because cuti tak sama and kebanyakan masa I tak balik Johor, yep been so busy in Seremban though :P Shes in UKM and I am in UiTM so obviously cuti tak sama kan. Lepasni zaman bila pulak la nak photoshoot2 bagai ni. Nanti bila dah dapat semua gambar, I will surely blog them here, insyaAllah.

That's all for now! I nak sambung tidur balik hehehe. Bye!

Love, Lynn.

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