Sunday, 13 August 2017

Counting the days and I guess I need an assistant


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It is 5.42am at the moment I blog this. I just woke up my two younger brothers for school. Yes, I will always be that one alarm clock which is functioning so well during semester break at home but not when the semester starts *sigh*

Actually, I just done some blogwalking with limited internet connection from my mom's phone lol I am a good daughter tho *blows nails*. That is the reason I am here, writing something for my blog. Some of you might wondering why I did not walk yo your blog, right? I swear to God I am a good blogwalker (sheesh, is that a word?) ONLY IF I have my laptop & broadband. But for now, thanks God for this limited internet from mom's phone and I hope she wont check on her internet balance hahaha.

Tick tock tick tock.

Few days left and I am so nervous af. Trying to put my mind elsewhere but I failed. Oh, I am talking about my last semester's result anyway. Just hoping for the best and let Allah do the rest. Wow, my positive vibe is at its highest level at this lovely Subuh I guess!

You might called me crazy but my mind already in Seremban. Yeah right, my so called lovely campus. I guess this is so normal for anyone who is overly attached with commitments at campus. I really need to plan my schedule very properly for this upcoming Fifth Semester. I will be super busy with my fyp, my club and of course my studies!

My best OOTDs surely at UiTM Seremban 3! I have lots of good OOTD pictures at my small yet lovely campus.

I am being me, always be that one forgetful person. I even left my wallet and handphone at home! So old la this kid aiyoo. I even driving without bringing my IC (dont have my license yet) (Shhh do not tell the police! Hahaha). Well, my parents always scold me for the same reason but a hard-headed like me wont learn a lesson hahaha too bad! You know what, I feel safe because you know you are always with your parents and extra point is because you are currently at your home state, hehe.

It is so normal for me to not remember the dates and days. But I am easily annoyed when people ask me what date is today. Hello? You got your own phone or watch so dont ask me! (Yes I am talking to the mirror then sheesh!!). I even forgot if I have taken my lunch or not. At campus, I will have my lunch at 3pm or 4pm or maybe 7pm haha. Depends on the hectic schedule. That is my weakness, I wont care about my eating schedule but I always remind others to take care of their health and do not forget their meals.

However, at the end of the day, I am the one who did not eat and get enough rest. I am not easily get sick so maybe that helps me to convince myself that being so busy is okay lol. Workaholic is good at some points hehe because I lost 3 kg in 2 weeks time hehe. But of course I will be that walking zombie with my pale face (no makeups of course!), running around here and there to settle down things yada yada. I hope I will be more ready for the next semester (whoops! It is next month guys).

That pretty sums up why I do not need a boyfriend for the time being. I get so upset when people ask me which one is my boyfriend (the special one) because I keep on going out with different people. Apparently, they are my friends and good listeners. I do not even have time for myself so I am wondering how can I commit to a relationship (at least for now). You guys should sit back and relax, okay? I have my own reason which I should not tell everyone so yeah just #doayangbaikbaik ^_^

So yeah, I really should hire an assistant. Anyone?

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