Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Ridiculous bags on Zalora!

Hi everyone!

To be honest, I am so nervous writing this post. No kidding guys! Breathe in breathe out. Fuhhh.

The title speaks!

So, let me tell you about every girl's obsession ---bags/handbags 👜👜👜

This one had been taken during Majlis Anugerah Dekan for the third semester. Ignore my extra excited face, ladies & gentlemen. *ehem*

I personally believed bags or handbags complemented my style. I would rather stay inside the house than going out without bags, yeah I owned on-the-go-bag. Most of the girls do! That one bag which you can put your personal stuffs like your purse, identity card, bank cards, makeups (of course!) etc. Even my boy friends asked me to keep their car keys inside my handbags. How can we live without bags?? Obviously, we will be so awkward throughout the day and fret not, cranky! 😂😂 In addition, we do not ever feel that we have enough handbags although we already owned 10 of them. Ahh too bad! We will constantly get ourselves a new handbag by time. Prove to me if I am wrong, ladies hahaha.

Hence, Zalora Malaysia offered an interesting website for us to satisfy our obsession towards bags specifically. It is so user friendly you know! It ease our job to browse their website and you will surely add to cart without you yourself realize. Whoopss! How dangerous it would be huh? Click this LINK and breathe slowly :") SO RIDICULOUS ISN'T IT???

See how easy this website works. You can filter out your search box to easily choose your bags. The choice is yours! Ridiculously easy pretty girls!

I have filtered this according to the bags' popularity. So, I can choose the most recent & attractive ones!

I am just being honest, ladies. I just do not know which one to be chosen. Can I just buy all of them?? See the designs, the colours and most importantly, THE PRICES! Mindblown and again, RIDICULOUS isn't it??? 

Nope, this one is not from Zalora. It is a gift from my parents. I really should get one from Zalora for myself. I guess I should spend RM50 voucher for a new bag or bags!! *facepalm*

Talk to you later!


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