Thursday, 24 August 2017

So, you guys really believe in me?


Have you ever reached at one point which you are so mentally breakdown? Well, I did. I just did! Last few days, it was a good day until I checked on my Whatsapp.  I received many tasks just in an hour!

1. Malam Induksi - Biro Multimedia (Video + Teaser)
2. Ted Talk Competition - Biro Multimedia
3. Career and Path Exhibition - Biro Multimedia
4. Administrative Science Carnival 2017 - Biro Multimedia
......... And many more to come!

So, tell me how can I not mentally breakdown after receiving such tasks? :) I just wonder, how can I split myself into few parts & yeah if only it can happen hahaha. Just kidding!

So, to make it short, I became quite cranky & moody for the whole day and I even slept early that night, around 8.15pm. I left so much blueticks to everyone who texted me, I let my phone ringing & did not pick up any calls unless it were from Mak or my brother, Haikal. I woke up at 1am and guess what, I cried until I slept back. Then I woke up again at 3am & downloaded all applications that might be useful for me in my phone.

Tried out the applications (yes I used 2) and it was fun! Oh this is so called introduction picture created by yours truly for a thread on Twitter. Yes, it is for my club of course! 

It just that I do not know whether I am able to do such tasks or not since everything is under media. Fyi, I am handling our club's social medias and the number of RT and Likes for any of my tweets on that particular Twitter's account is increasing over time. Our hashtag (when I handled the Twitter for the first time during intern times) even go trending crazily! I might blog it later. So, I guess that pretty sums up that they confident enough to put me under Media all over again. Well, thank you for believe in me :)

Oh, I feel a bit messed up because those tasks really need an internet connection on my laptop since I have to download all applications needed first before proceed with any tasks (read previous posts to understand better). Yes, that is it. The reason I cried lol. Maybe I would laugh at Young Hazlin when I read this again in 10 years time 😂

I hope I can do my very best & let the creativity comes in without any hesitation. This is just the beginning, I can do it!

I will go back to my campus on 8th September even though the semester starts on the 12th :") Malam Induksi is on the 14th so I hope I have enough time to settle it down with my partner. God bless campus's Wifi!! Hahaha. My planner is quite fully occupied at the moment and I am really looking forward for more events (sarcasm?).

P/s I guess I will blog more on media's thingy 😏

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